Testimonials & Reviews

Spot On Professionalism

From the very beginning EpicHosts were polite and professional in helping me set up my service. I was told the choices on offer and was given 1 to 1 help to customise it to my needs. The service is fast, reliable and was set up within a few short hours. Whenever I've had to use support I've had a less than 24 hour turnaround time and I was never given a no for an answer. I'd definitely continue to recommend EpicHosts and I'll be using it again in the future. Thanks for a great service Terrum!


For the past couple of weeks or so, I've been hunting around to find the most suitable provider who can sell the best package to host my website. I was somewhat aghast at the prices most providers were advertising these days even for a year plan. So I've asked around and Epic Hosts was thrown my way and I couldn't believe how cheap and reliable they were! I have since never looked back and will eventually move my other websites across as well as giving out recommendations to anyone wishing to host their websites.

EpicHosts, Impressed Me By Miles

Well, where do I start? I started off with Budget VPS plans from EpicHosts, however they sometimes took a while to be setup which was fine. The VPS' was very good, very good for what I used them for, when I asked for support with it, always got a reply within 12 hours. I've recently started buying Budget Webhosting from EpicHosts and the service with that - WOW! I order my hosting and get it done within 6 hours each time! I currently have 3 webhosting plans with EpicHosts, soon to be 4, EpicHosts really are 'epic'. Especially with their hosting, support is always given, friendly staff, the only place I ever go for my hosting now - EpicHosts! Not only is it VERY cheap, but you get a lot for what you're paying! It's so worth it! #TeamEpicHosts

Amazing Service

I was looking through some hotels, then I found this hotel that had an advertisement on the bottom saying "EpicHosts", I immediately clicked on the link and looked at the prices. I talked with my friend about it and we decided to both go halves on the retro. Within 6 hours of finding this site, we bought it. It took Terrum about 30 minutes to get everything up and running, 6 days later and I am still really happy with it! I am not good with all of this coding and everything, and if I broke anything, support will tell me what I have broken so I can fix it! I really do recommend going for ANYTHING from this company! So cheap and reliable!

Exclusive VPS - Review!

I cannot beleive this. I love Epichosts, Terrum is a awesome owner. He knows how to handle everything. He's always professional. Pay him and he'll do whatever you need! Awesome respond timing, awesome service, GREAT professionaility!

Professionalism is Key

Epic strive for Professionalism, and I must say they hit TOP marks! The Support response time is outstanding and they hit all levels of SLA... I have no issue what-so-ever recommending Terrum for putting together this outstanding Company, and running it by himself! A very happy customer

Epic Host

Hi there my name is Derren and I recently have rented a Vps from Epic Hosts. The first thing I must say is that the prices are absolutely fantastic and the setup time brilliant. The communication between emails to keep me informed of the whole process was great. Had a little issue and contacted for support within minutes I had a reply and the issue was rectified in the matter of a couple of minutes. Over all this is an amazing service. I fully recommend Epic Hosts to all. Epic Host is most definitely a 5 star service. Thank you all at Epic Hosts it is a real pleasure to be a customer with yourselves.

Amazing Service

Epichosts is an all round great hosting service providing different types of hosting on lots of different, money friendly plans. I have used Epichosts quite a few times in the past from gaming servers to web hosting and they have never failed to impress me with the way the services they offer are provided and the way they never fail to help out in any way possible. The services are fast, as is the support when you need it. I would recommend Epichosts to anyone looking for a fast, cheap and reliable host. Keep up the outstanding work, Epichosts!

Fantastic VPS's

I bought a Windows VPS (2gb Ram) from epichosts the other day and overall it's working perfectly at the moment, they have amazing speed that wont disappoint you! On my last VPS hosting there speeds weren't as good, and it lagged allot but not with epichosts, there VPS's are suprime! The only bad thing I would say that happened is my VPS arrived a couple off hours late but it didn't matter really, still it was worth waiting for! Overall you guys are a awesome company!

Superb Service!

Recently I have had an urge to host a retro like I have before and I didn't want the hassel of setting it up and not having to worry about it tons, so I decided to look up pre made retros and I found Epic Hosts here, and was blown away by the package and immediatly ordered it whilst ordering I was pleased with the vast aray of payment options, and choice of add-ons. When all order I got the set-up your retro email and choose my options and was very pleased with the choices available when I had emailed them back, my retro was setup in around 20 - 30 minutes witch was extremely good and I got to my retro any problems and questions I had where helped rather quickly, although I had to close it I am now reopening it and look forward to the excelent support and help I hope you carry on like this because I'll always be loyal with anything I want hosting, Thanks!

Well Done EpicHosts!

Recently i bought a retro service from epic host. The delivery time was super fast, im pretty sure it ended up being quicker than i was told at the time of purchase! I was very new to retros when i got the retro package from epichosts and there was a lot that i was unsure about, at epichosts this wasn't a problem because everything was set up for me and if i was stuck with anything Terrum would be only too happy to help me.


I actually was NOT a starter to hotels but had never got out of the dreaded 'Hamachi stage'. With the help of terrum he managed to make a me 100% secure and working hotel. Since I have a crap OS and no server he has even offered to help me gain access the VPS by looking into and installing stuff to the VPS to help me access it! Hats off to you Terrum!

The Best!!!

Excellent service for a best price fast and quick customer service and hassle free. I would recommend you give it a try I guarantee you'll like it.

Top Quality Service

I have been using Epichosts for a couple of years now, and not once have I been let down by Terrum. He has always helped me whenever I required assistance, not like other hosting companies where sometimes you're waiting days for a response, Terrum responds within minutes! I highly recommend Epichosts